Conflicting Advice Women Receive Every Day

Conflicting Advice Women Get

To wear makeup but to keep it natural, to act like a lady and think like a boss. We’re constantly bombarded with conflicting advice about how to look, act, or engage in relationships. What exactly do you want from us?

As women in 2021, the way we choose to behave and appear is a subject that is far too frequently critiqued and commented on. Everyone appears to have an opinion and we’re honestly tired of hearing it with all the conflicting advice it offers. What is expected of us is completely contradictory.

Study Hard but Don’t Use your Degree

What Women Want Conflicting Advice

It has a lot to do with the advertising of gender roles for generations. The concept is that a woman should be intelligent but not to the point where possible suitors are intimidated. Your parents want you to pursue your education and graduate at the top of your class.

“But a woman’s place is at home, not at work, don’t forget that.”

She should be self-sufficient, but not to the point where the man in her life feels unneeded.

Dress to Impress but Don’t Impress too Much

Scene from Mean Girls Movie about Conflicting Advice

Clothing and make-up can be means of expressing oneself, however, some women are under external pressure to conform to a certain image. She should wear makeup, but not too much, as this may give the impression that she is attempting to change her appearance. To prevent unwanted stares, she should dress to impress yet keep it modest, but sometimes she’s too modest to fit in. We’ve reached a point where we can’t expect anyone to feel good about themselves since we seem to constantly be doing too much or too little.

Never be too Loud! But Quiet is Boring… 

Scene from Legally Blonde Movie on Conflicting Advice

Being referred to as a “loud woman” in society is not praise. It isn’t intended to be one, at least. However, it seems that the women who speak their minds, dominate the room, call out bad behavior, and refuse to shrink in order to appease others are the ones who always face these labels. So maybe it is a compliment? Or should we truly make an effort to keep it down? But wait, now we’re too quiet, and our personality isn’t shining brightly enough to attract. How about we put the same effort into actually listening to what we have to say instead of analyzing our tone of voice?

You’re Either too Fat or too Thin

Scene from Friends on Conflicting Advice

People seem to believe they have the right to comment on a woman’s weight, and they do it regardless of her size. It’s always “pick up a burger” or “cut back on the burgers.” You just can’t win. No one’s body type should be the gold standard for beauty. There is no such thing as a perfect figure. Perfection is a flawed concept in itself. It really shouldn’t matter what you look like as long as you’re happy and healthy. So, eat that burger or don’t, it’s entirely up to you.

This is exactly why some women may feel confused and overwhelmed. Always wondering what society expects from us. When the appropriate reaction should be ‘Stop telling us what to do because it’s actually none of your business.” Let’s say we were to want to achieve the ideal exceptions that society demands. We wouldn’t even know where to start! This is because the advice is not only unrealistic but also contradictory.

Society as a whole appears to be unsure of what their ‘ideal lady’ is like. Honestly, we’re not interested in helping them figure it out. We believe that we already are the ideal version of what a woman should be. It’s not our job to fulfill that satisfaction for others. So, thanks to the society for wanting to help, we really do appreciate it but I think we’ve already got it sorted out.

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