Confessions of a Power Family!


Being blessed with a supportive family is one factor that can determine a lot in one’s future, especially with extremely ambitious women like Nardine and Dana. Between countless shoots, practices, or travels, their family bond somehow surpasses the challenges and makes it work. Fourteen-year old Dana has been playing football since she was 5. She’s joined Chelsea Club for two weeks last year, and is expecting to sign a contract with them this year. While Nardine is known for presenting the show The Voice Kids and segments of Arabs Got Talent on MBC, along with other shows, she also presented the closing ceremony of the Gouna Film Festival last year. We’ve met with the accomplished ladies and asked them to share all their hidden confessions on cam!


What’s something you hid from your mom and she still doesn’t know about it yet?

Dana: I got a C in physics. But I got an A in Maths. I wanted to tell you when I came back from school, but you weren’t in a good mood…


What’s something that you hid from Dana?

Nardine: When your father wants to get information out of you, he sends me to ask about it. I keep telling her I promise I won’t tell your dad… but I sometimes do, it depends on the topic.



What’s a question that you was very uncomfortable and you had to make up a weird story to answer?

Nardine: This generation knows everything, they do not need us to answer them. She sometimes explains things that I do not understand. They’re not like us at all. They come to us only when they’re in doubt. I tell them when I know and when I do not know, I don’t try to make things up. But Dana is not like this, she’s very independent.


What was your first reaction when you learned about Dana’s passion towards football?

Nardine: It all started when she was 5 years old, I thought it was just a hobby. But later on, she showed more interest and I started to realize that this is what she wants to do. I kept telling her and then what? Until when are you going to be like the guys? I told her dad that I don’t want this to be her main career. Until one day, she told me that that’s her ultimate passion and dream. I then realized how good she is. Her dad took her to Chelsea to make sure she’s on the right path. I did not want to stand in her way because I did not want her to blame me later on or lose something she really likes. That’s why I now support her 100%.


How do your family and friends support you?

Dana: They’re very supportive. They always come watch me play. My father is the most encouraging. He watches all my matches and cheers for me. We watch matches together. He records my matches so we can watch them again together.


You both are so different with different passions. Do you think opposites attract or cause more challenges within the family?

Dana: There are certainly some challenges. I think in a completely different way. For example, the way I dress or tie my hair. We also have this dilemma of what’s more important, football or studying.


Nardine: I think we have a lot in common too. I’m very ambitious and she’s too. She knows what she wants exactly, and this is important. Her life is very difficult. She spends about four hours on the road to go to practice, and wakes up at 5:30 am for school. Nobody’s going to bear with all these difficulties unless it’s someone who really believes in what she’s doing and wants to prove herself.



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