Conceptual Craze

Amina Zaher is a self-taught photographer. When describing her work she says, “it’s conceptual/Fine Art photography.

You can see more of Amina’s work at:



Nourhan Refaat learned photography by practicing for three years and checking photography work and inspirations. She then attended a course to learn about the technical side and camera features. She describes her work as “dark, conceptual, self portraits and story-telling”. She’s had two exhibitions.

You can see more of Nourhan’s work at:


Sherifa Hamed’s parents were both photographers. Since she was a kid she’d look at their work in awe. It was only in 2011 that she started to photograph with her mobile phone. She learned from observation, experience and constructive criticism.  She describes her photography saying “I focus on portraiture photography, but I’m also into documentary photography”. She hasn’t had any exhibitions yet, but is hoping to change that by the end of the year.

You can see more of Sherifa’s work at:


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