Coloring outside the lines with Mai Ayman


By Nayera El Zeki

First things first, use a darker foundation. You see, this is a tip that is absolutely indispensible to each and every woman out there. “The perfect makeup starts with the perfect shade of foundation” Mai Ayman thinks.

Mai, a young and talented makeup artist who started her career by working on her friends and family, says that in make up, less is definitely more. Unless of course we’re speaking about her special effects makeup, that’s a whole other story there. Mai decided that in the spirit of Halloween, she was going to give herself a crash course on special effects makeup, and she obviously nailed it. The images can almost literally speak for themselves.

Two years ago, her mother’s encouragement and Mai’s natural talent pushed her into pursuing a career in the art of makeup application. She attended a course under Mohamed Abdel Hamid and then went to MUD, Makeup Designory School, for further enhancements. She then started applying makeup on her friends and family and has been on a roll ever since.

“It started when my friends would ask me to do their makeup, I would do makeup for a friend’s entire wedding guest list, then end up doing mine so late I barely make it to the wedding” Mai laughs.

When we asked her what she thinks is the best thing you can do for your skin, she screamed “Moisturize!” she went on to tell us about how crucial it is for your skincare routine to involve daily washing with a mild cleanser, then toning and most importantly, moisturizing.

The artist then  went on to give us tips about how we should try the spoon and tape methods to apply cat-eye eyeliner if we can’t get it right on our own, which we assume is the case for the majority of women around the globe. And that’s when she told us about her upcoming plans for teaching makeup application classes.

When and where the classes are going to be held is not set yet, but they will be in the near future.

Facebook: Mai Ayman

Instagram: by_maiayman

For makeup appointments call 01008236334. 

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