Clifftop Adventures: The Travel Agency that Caters for Everyone’s Needs

From meditation and relaxation to hiking, rock-climbing and more adrenaline-rush activities, Clifftop Adventures travel agency has got it all.

When two avid travelers Lina El Menshawy and Omar Badr realized their passion towards adventure travel, they launched their agency in 2017, aiming to share their interest in experiencing Egypt and the globe as travelers and not just tourists.

“What drove us is the belief that travelers have different preferences and needs when it comes to exploring. Some are looking for trips where they can meet like-minded travelers, some are bound by a specific budget, others want to explore a specific destination on specific days that they can take off of work and we’ve got something for everyone,” says Lina.

The agency has four types of adventure services: scheduled trips, milestone adventures, team retreats, and private adventures. The scheduled trips are a set of itineraries aimed at those who want to meet like-minded travelers and are ready to travel on a fixed departure date. The milestone adventures are out of the box tailored programs purposed for adventure celebrations such as honeymoons, anniversaries, bachelorettes and bachelor trips, and so forth. Each trip is individually designed to balance between adventurous activities and relaxation. The team retreats are also customized to strengthen the bond between team members or bands through team-building activities. Finally, the private adventures are made for private groups and families to bucket-list destinations based on their dates, duration, and budget.

 “Classic traveling has become a thing of the past. Booking a posh hotel room in the city and spending time sightseeing is no longer the way to travel,” says Lina explaining that people’s idea of travelling has changed. Travelers now would rather experience nature with everything it has to offer. Adventure honeymoons have also started to attract Egyptian couples, preferring to balance both experiencing a new destination together and relaxation.

Newlyweds are not the only ones fascinated by adventure travel, girl travelers have a higher participation percentage, according to Lina. “Gone are the days where it’s frowned upon for girls to travel without a partner or a family member present,” she adds. The challenges with traveling girls depends on the destination and whether it is used to female travelers. Yet, Lina clarifies that for most destinations, the community does not discriminate between men and women travelers. She still advises girls to do their research on the country they are visiting to check their norms and understand whether it is safe to be out after certain hours, take taxis, and so forth.

Aiming to become a one-stop-shop for all kinds of adventure trips, Clifftop aspires to continue tailoring services for people’s preferences and needs. Check their upcoming trips @clifftopadventures on Facebook and Instagram!

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