Cleopatra to Amy Winehouse: Decades of Eyeliner Applications!

The application of eyeliner goes all the way back to Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, when the protective and defining effects of lining the inner rims were first discovered. Over the years, eyeliner went from an at-home protective remedy, to fashion statement, a trademark and a indispensible beauty hack. Take a quick walk down eyeliner-memory-lane and decide which style suits you best!







1. Ancient Egypt – 7000 BC

Ancient Egyptians took fashion by storm with their skirts and headpieces, but nothing’s more memorable than the beautiful Cleopatra’s eye makeup. An extended line that thickens at the end and a lined bottom rim made for a harsh and defined look that’s bound to turn heads. No wonder we still remember it!

2. 1920s

Art and stage makeup were highly influential at this period, and Europeans started the fad of the slightly smudged and lightly lined eyes. (Spitting) Mascara was used for higher definition of both upper and lower rims. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.

3. 1930s

A thin, barely-there line was used to fill-in the gaps between lashes. Several Hollywood celebrities like Carole Lombard and Marlene Dietrich adopted this look for its ease, efficiency and glam.

4. 1950s

Lots of emphasis went to the eyes and eyebrows during this period. Eyeliner was heavy and accurately drawn over the upper lid and into the rims as well.

5. 1960s

This is when the cut-crease eyeliner was made famous by celebrities like Edie Segdwick. Upper lids were lined and a second line was drawn on the crease. A set of heavy lashes were a must as well.

6. 1970s

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Women transitioned from the harsh black lines of the earlier decade and into softer brown tones. Often complimented with thicker eyebrows and lashes, but sticking to natural hues.

7. 1980s

This is the decade where makeup was at its peak. Pop culture and hip singers like Madonna brought back colorful lids, exaggerated makeup and smudged black lines.

8. 1990s

The nineties were all about the grungy look. Eyeliner was seldom applied in defined lines, it was heavily smudged and paired with full eyebrows, pale skin and full lips. This look was mostly attributed to Super Model Kate Moss and Singer Shirley Manson.

9. 2000s

Popular Actresses like Angelina Jolie kick-started the cat-eye movement. A soft, extended line is drawn over the top lid, with other makeup kept at a minimum; making the cat-eye pop. several variations on the cat-eye also appeared in the 2000s, leading up to the iconic Amy Winehouse look. 



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