Clearing up your Skin’s Mysteries at the Vichy Launch

Two weeks back, Egypt witnessed the launch of Vichy! The celebration introduced Vichy to Egyptians, highlighting its importance as a dermatologist approved, trusted brand. Later on we sat down with Dermatologist Dr. Amr Magdy Kotb and got tips for the most perfect skin!

  1. When you have blemishes, there are products that will cover up blemishes while also treating them.
  2. When it comes to makeup, quality beats quantity. Your skin will be grateful.
  3. The secret to youthful skin is to keep it moisturized. Moist skin doesn’t age.
  4. You will always need different products for different functions, times, and types of weather. Even the type of sunscreen you use will change depending on your activity and the season.
  5. If you have skin issues, get them treated before you find out what your regular routine should be.
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