Cinema Etiquette: 7 Annoying Habits at the Movies

The whole world goes to the movies, but our experience is usually with a twist on the side. We put together a list of all those stereotypical Egyptian cinema-habits that make us feel home!

1- Taking phone calls

You will always find that member of the family (usually a parent) that is only really there for the family but isn’t interested in the movie. This person will be taking all the work calls, and bringing you back to reality everytime you want to live in the movie!

2- The Economist mode: ON

Because we know better than to buy the over-priced popcorn, we are likely to pay a visit to the nearest supermarket and stuff a good-deal of snacks in our bags to add some spices to the experience! From Ice-cream, to chips, soda cans and candy, it can get quite loud!

3- Just tip the guy!

As a follow up for the general tip-everyone-you-run-into norm, the usher that escorts you for five seconds to the seat you already know yourself, is expecting some cash. And you dare not fall out of the norm or he will be mouthing “kol sana wenta tayeb” to you all through the movie.

4- Baby on board

If you can’t find anyone to baby-sit “Hamada” you might as well bring him! It is unquestionable how a baby might enjoy a movie, let alone make anyone in the world actually enjoy one! Most parents however, will keep taking that challenge until people can get used to the screaming baby sound as a background melody to all movies on earth.

5- Phone out, Camera ON.

No matter how many times they say it is not allowed, in every movie you will have to find someone raising their phone and filming, while ignoring the fact that his hand is blocking the screen for some of us..

6- The Director within!

You are out of luck if you sit next to this type of person who loves commenting on anything and everything. The director within him just can’t hold back from anticipating what will happen and saying the standard “I told you so” when it actually does happen!

7- Clap Clap

This one has our Egyptian spirit marked all over it! Maybe it is because we appreciate movies so much that when it is all over and the titles are up, everyone starts clapping in respect to the art they just encountered. But who are we kidding, even when the movie is not that good, people are usually all clappy and excited anyways.

Our own cinema rituals tend to standout from the general worldwide etiquette, and while we might criticize them, deep down we all know we have done at least one of the things on this list!   

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