Chilling with the Fighters!

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At the second stop of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2010 desert winds, sand and temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius pushed man and machine to the limit, Adam Jones (USA) emerged victorious in front of one of the world’s most spectacular backdrops who destroyed his 11 opponents’ dreams of victory by progressing all the way to the Final, where he tricked and flipped his way past the winner of the season opener in Mexico City (MEX), the Norwegian Andrè Villa, to win the event. "This really is a dream come true for me. The conditions in Cairo weren’t easy, but my final run was perfect, and that meant the judges were then on my side”, grinned the 26-year-old.

We wanted to have a piece of the feminine side of the story like we always do, so we caught up with Amy Maddison the wife of the Australian Fighter Robbie Maddison a.k.a Mado; to know what is it like to get  married to a guy with one of the coolest jobs on the planet. Amy, 26 met her husband when he just got in on the Redbull XFighters team. She traveled the world with him to encourage him in his many tournaments. "It's very hot in Egypt at this time of the year!", she greets us with a tanned skin. "Well I'm really hot and pregnant" she adds. Robbie Madison and his wife are waiting to have a baby by summer's end and Amy is much excited about it. "If our son decided to follow in his dad's footsteps and be a fighter we won't stop him, we actually discussed that. We'll get him a bike and get him trained, he must follow his passion". Amy's passion is to travel the world with her husband rather than anything "my passion is to hang out with my husband anywhere, and when we have the baby I'll take him also on board".

Amy's life isn't like an ordinary housewife who waits for her banker or restaurant owner husband to come home by 5pm and cook him dinner, her husband's job carries a great risk on its back; "it's pretty cool what Robbie does, really! His job is fascinating and I make sure I'm by his side everywhere he goes as he travels a lot. He works around the clock 24/7 which makes things hectic and he needs me around to take care of him", she tells us. "He wakes up every morning and gets into a hot tub, then starst meeting with his colleagues and trainers and keeps on working all day. Sometimes I think that his job is pretty risky, but when I knew about the time and effort he spent to get trained, I became calmer" she says.

Amy is lucky to travel with her husband around the world, living the experience with doubled excitement and thrill "I'm so much inspired by Egypt! Imagine these rocks were build by hands thousands of years ago and still look so beautiful, that’s really inspiring. Through the last month, I traveled to Greece, Mexico City, Australia and Egypt and it has been really a great journey".                                                   

After two of the six stops comprising the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2010 it is Andrè Villa who continues to lead the overall standings. The next event is scheduled to take place on Moscow’s Red Square (RUS) on 26 June 2010.

Final Results: Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2010, Cairo, Egypt:1. Adam Jones (USA), 2. Andrè Villa (NOR), 3. Nate Adams (USA), 4. Robbie Maddison (AUS), 5. Levi Sherwood (NZL), 6. Eigo Sato (JAP), 7. Jim McNeil (USA), 8. Libor Podmol (CZE), 9. Lance Coury (USA), 10. Daice Suzuki (JAP), 11. Petr Pilat (CZE), 12. Nick DeWit (RSA))

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