Chillax Café upgrades menu to include 80’s products; Kata-Kito and Bimbo

Some things automatically generate a nostalgic feeling when we hear about them, let alone eat them. We might enjoy global food brands, but our tummies are inclined to crave the local ones that give us a sense of culture and belonging, especially when they are designed purely for our pleasure.

Chillax Café made an outstanding initiative to encourage and support local brands. Following the saying ‘Old is Gold’, Chillax Café selects Egyptian quality products and employs them to create mouthwatering desserts. So apparently yes, it is all Bimbo-s and butterflies in your stomach.


Jolly biscuits Batata, Bimbo Madness, Kata-Kito milkshake, are all blasts from the past, but you have also got Todo milkshakes and so much more awaiting you as well. They are a dollop of Egyptian identity mixed with a great flavor. Which is exactly the kind of dessert that you don’t feel guilty about, because they are just so worth it. You are being served a memory of that Kata-Kito bar stuffed in your school backpack at a time when 1 Egyptian pound could buy you wonders!



It’s an initiative that supports and prioritizes local products over global ones, bringing forward simple pleasures that delight people when presented in the right way. Chillax communicates a message of authenticity and identity. It is not often that a dessert dish reminds you of a golden era, or a time that has long been forgotten. Nostalgia is the sweet taste of memories wrapped in sugar.


Rumbling bellies aside, this is not just about tasty desserts or mood shifters, it is about us finding ways to upgrade our local products and use them as substitutes for the global products that have become rather fundamental in our daily usage. It is about saving money at a time when the dollar only knows its way up. And it is about investing our pounds in affordable products and supporting the Egyptian industry.

If you can do that with only the sweet effort exerted of swallowing delicious bites of a yummy dessert, then this is certainly a win-win for everybody. This cozy restaurant occupying a warm corner at Al-Merghany Street will give you the delight of a local experience and bring memories rushing back. It is as simple as that: Chill, eat, and support Egyptian products.

Check out Chillax Café’s menu on their Facebook Page.

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