Cherine Amr Rocks our World with Faker!

Cherine Amr has her hands full! Her project, CHEEN, is a pop rock project in which she plays various musical instruments, records and produces her own music.


She released a new music video titled, FAKER, on YouTube. Fortunately for you if you’d like to download it, the song is also available on Spotify, Google Play Music and Amazon MP3, and it’ll be available on iTunes next week.


Cherine Amr was first encouraged to release her debut album, 3alam Tani, after the great feedback she got from the fans about her song, Ab3ad Makan, when it featured in the award-winning movie Microphone. We’re very proud of our very own Cherine and we see great things in her future and we can’t wait for her EP to be released by the end of March!

Check out Cherine’s video here

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