Chaotic Disorder, Ahmed Kassim

February exhibition of Ahmed Kassim “Chaotic Order” at Safarkhan Gallery in Zamalek featuring the widely known rubrics of games to symbolize how life is exactly like a game, where individuals are subjected to the forces of good or evil in their daily lives and how chaotic and unpredictable life has become in modern day Egypt. Within his use of bold symbols and Kassim portrays the staples of modern and current Egyptian society; the money signifying corruption, the TV news constantly on informing the people in their homes though not necessarily with credible and truthful information (another irony that is explored in his work), bread rolls and loaves which are the basic means of food for the Egyptian population because of its cheap and accessible nature as well as the bastions of riot police, which Kassim includes in his work to show that the state and government is always vigilant and keeping an eye on its people to root out dissidents.

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