Challenging Disabilities with Cookies and Love

What’s better than baking on a winter Thursday? We met up with the magicians behind “The Four Biscuits”, a baking project by five amazing bakers with Down Syndrome. These fabulous cookie bakers are Seba Ahmed (23), Mariam Adel (31), Yehia Emad (15), Sherihan Hamdy (21) and Haidy Adel along with Co-founder Sherine Salem.

(Sherihan hamdy, Haidy Adel,Yehia Emad,SebaAhmed and Mariam Adel)

The idea began with a recipe and the need to keep all siblings entertained when they got older and sort of sick of school. A job was needed and all love baking. So the 4 siblings and friends became “The Four Biscuits”. With a social media and on ground presence their business increased and became more known. People order online and actually love the cookies and post their experience on social media which resulted in a ripple effect and more orders. “Biscuits give people love and joy. The girls are four. Why don’t we call them The Four Biscuits?” says Sherine Salem, referring to Nada Ahmed, the project’s other co-founder.

Sherihan Hamdy

“It all started with my mother’s cookie recipe. The three of them were familiar with baking, so the idea of a baking project as their small business was the most convenient,” says Sherine Salem. “Baking is what we love, so it wasn’t difficult to start The Four Biscuits. But of course, we wouldn’t have evolved without the continuous guidance of the main co-founders Nada, Nora, and Shereen,” Mariam Adel says. Mariam now is a special needs teacher in Al Shams Al Mushrqa charity.

“I am challenged to balance between school and baking. I attempt to schedule all the baking orders every Sunday and Monday, so I can learn how to perfectly manage my time,” says Haidy Adel, one of the bakers.

Mariem Adel

Having started with four bakers, today, The Four Biscuits family has seven members, and it’s expected to grow. The project welcomes other members from the Down Syndrome community to join, “It doesn’t need specific criteria. The will to help is enough,” Sherine Salem elaborates, “the team is coached by a special needs trainer. We also monitor the baking process, to avoid exposing the kids to any harm. We also welcome the kids’ parents”.



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