Celebrating Women Who Shine!



We don’t need an occasion to appreciate women. The world doesn’t need reminding that women are important, intelligent and beautiful. Still, a little reminder never hurts. We collaborated with Baajf Jewelry to hold a competition solely to celebrate super women!

 People were called on to nominate women whom they love and appreciate. Those inspiring women were given profiles, and the voting started immediately. Eventually, two lucky women won the Baajf Woman title.

Our glamorous and prestigious women were two mothers who were nominated by their gorgeous daughters. Ghada Abu Hadid and Omima Mourad, were studded with 2 Baajf rings as a prize. Ghada is an artist who put her career on halt to raise her four children. Now that they are all grown up, she has been pursuing her dream and is becoming an accomplished painter. “Women want to be happy! They want to be surrounded by peace.That’s it” Ghada says.

Omima Mourad is a wonderful mother who, in her daughter’s own words, is “the best mother on Earth”. She received 880 likes on instagram thanks to the incredible support from her children’s friends and colleagues. So that happens when your teenage children support you on social media!

We were proud to be in the presence of such strong, beautiful and smart women. The only thing that shone brighter than those diamonds were the women and their families.  

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Photography by Ahmed Zaatar 
Shot at Studio X
Jewelry by Baajf
Styled by Yara Alsayes
Outfits by Massimo Dutti
Hair by Kriss Beauty Salons
Makeup by Mud Studio
Banquette available at Bagua
Table available at Dokan Boutique

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