Celebrating April Fools’ with Zombies!

We’ve found what could possibly be our favorite prank video ever! This extremely elaborate prank isn’t like any other candid camera video you’ve ever seen.

Hours of work and preparation have been put in preparation for the 10 minute video. Subway stations were cleared and used to stage a zombie attack on unsuspecting women, which might seem like too much work since the subway is scary on its own.

Those ladies go into the subway, one of them was completely alone in the cart actually, when the lights start flickering on and off. Then they  hear the “driver” of the train announce that a technical issue was taking place, then screaming in sheer panic. The lights flicker some more and then the zombies start surround their entire cart. Insane attention has been put into the small details like makeup, ragged clothing, and even contact lenses. Suffice it to say, it was pretty believable. The ladies’ reactions were priceless. 

Use this as inspiration for today’s pranks. If you’re going to go for it, you might as well go big and cause the person on the receiving end of your prank permanent trauma. Check out the video below.


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