Catch up on Crave Egypt’s New Zesty Dishes.. Forever Comforting and Surpassing Expectations

Buckle up people! It is going to be a delectable ride…

Discovering new food can be quite a toll! People and food lovers are tired of hyped promises and “mouth-watering” descriptions. We need proper food, don’t we?

Well, we have been invited to Crave Egypt, The Park MOA, to try their new dishes, and without a shred of doubt they aced these new plates, taking comfort cuisine to a new level, we are still reminiscing over the taste of every single dish we tried.

Crave Egypt is a flavorsome destination for tasty, plentiful, unique, and diverse cuisine. It is a destination known for being consistent with its mottoes: deliciousness, coziness, satisfaction, high-quality ingredients, and simplicity. With a professional staff, an elegant ambiance, and chefs that outdo themselves every time they put together new dishes that are made with care. We give you our last updates on their new dishes: twisted and scrumptious.

From their Chicken Dukkah Salad to finishing off with a mouthwatering Lotus Konafa, we have been on a roller coaster of flavorful dishes.

First off, we tried tahini in a new Taco In Style. Have you ever thought that mixing the Egyptian and Mexican cuisines is possible? Well, eating soft tacos and sriracha shrimps topped with tahini paste sauce can be quite epic!

Wild Mushrooms couldn’t get any wilder! We tried an Infused truffle oil drizzle and a creamy mushroom sauce topped with parmesan tagliatelle are a divine combination.

Though being FULL, we couldn’t resist the lure made by this new exotic “Lotus Konafa Bomb with Cheese!” It is a final killer and a one hundred man’s punch!

We also tried their chicken dynamite, Phily Cheese bowl sandwich, Pepper soy-glazed beef, Sriracha Salmon, and finally we couldn’t resist a Coffee Toffee Crumble.

The time and effort were well-spent! Different elements came together preparing these dishes to give this unique taste and flavor.

We highly recommend these most luscious dishes we have ever had the privilege of experiencing we would certainly eat there again but not as a reviewer, rather as a hungry customer.

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