“You can get Robbed by Monkeys” 7 lessons I learned when travelling to India!

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Before travelling to India many people warned be about a lot of things, but non of them compared to what I really learned during a months stay. So here are the real thing you need to know!

Don’t take Toilet Paper for Granted

Toilet paper is a luxury in India, use it wisely! Every time you ask for a new roll, you will have a little, extremely awkward, interrogation about what you did with the previous roll.

You can get robbed by Monkeys

Upon arrival, you get warned about the monkeys. So here are a few tips I got: don’t smile at them or show your teeth at all, and don’t look them in the eye. If you have any food, give it to them without a second thought. Basically, monkeys are big bullies; treat them as such. Follow these instructions and you should be good.


Cows aren’t Beef

Many of the Indians consider cows to be something holy. Therefore you will find many cows wandering in the streets with bells around their neck. You slowly learn how to deal with cows when they’re not steak on your plate.

Sweating and Rain do Mix

We usually associate rain with cold weather, but in India it could rain at 40 degrees. So you will still be sweating while it’s raining. A very strange sensation… a very sticky one, too.


How to Take Earthquakes Casually

This one isn’t easy, but there are many mini earthquakes that happen and people don’t even notice. The first few times you will panic and try to run to the safest place until you get used to it and take it very casually.

“If you have any food, give it to them without a second thought. Basically, monkeys are big bullies; treat them as such.”

Wiggling your Head means Good

People are always confused about what it means when Indians wiggle their heads. Only after three weeks in India did I understand, it means good, it’s an alternative to smiling.

Not All Elephants are like Dumbo

When you think of elephants, you think of Dumbo and how cute and friendly he was. That’s not what elephants are really like. They could easily block roads, chase people and they are not very friendly.





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