CAMP – The First Egyptian Horror Film

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A group of young friends decide to spend their holiday in a deserted resort called

"Beach Camp" as an adventure getaway, when mysterious incidents begin to occur. Suddenly, they become target of an elusive disguised serial killer and suspicion towards each other finds its way into the circle of friends. To find out what really happened you will have to watch the film. Camp is directed by Abdel Aziz Hashad and will be out in theatres near you very soon.



Tell us a little bit about yourself, how did you start your career?

I graduated from AUC with a Business Major and joined the Higher Institute of Cinema. I started my career when I was 17 years old, as assistant director for TV commercials. After that I moved to work in TV series with famous directors Magdy    Abo Emera, Mohammed Fadel and Ahmed Saqr, which proved to be quite a success for me resulting in having the highest rate for assistant directors. Nevertheless, my real dream was working in cinema.


And how did you make your dream come true?

In the last four years, I was about to direct more than one film, but unfortunately they were stopped for different reasons. I forgot to mention that I’m a big fan of thrillers and horror movies, and I wished so much for my first one to be a horror movie. I met Amir Abaza the producer, we searched for horror film scripts and found "camp" written by Haitham Waheed. I have to say that the producer was daring enough to put his money in this film, as it’s his first production as well.


Do you think that we have suitable production budgets to make a convincing Egyptian horror films that can compete with American films?

One can’t deny that there’s a technical advancement in the current Egyptian cinema, and in my film we brought a well-experienced crew to make the visual and the special effects as real as possible. Of course my film is just a start and we really need more good scripts in all genres. Some people may think that my film was copied from American movies, which is not bad to have a local remake of a successful movie.


Who’s starring in the film?

The main characters are young new coming actors, like Mohammed El Kholey, who acted before in ‘Ouja’, he’s really a good actor and I believe that with time and experience he’ll become a star. There’s also the young singer Ayman El Refaey in his first acting role, as well as Amira Hany who acted in the TV series ‘El Amma Nour’ series and Yasmine Gamal. The rest of the cast are acting for the first time like Amr Abdel Lateef,  Reem Helal, Hany Sanallah, Mohammad Atef and Becky, all of them really worked hard and gave their best. Of course I can’t forget to mention the well-known Lotfy Labib and Jehan Salama.


How do you expect people will react towards your film?

I know that in the past years, the trend was more towards comedies than suspense thrillers, but my target is the young audience who are interested in these kind of movies, still no one can expect what will happened, so let’s hope that people react positively towards it. I also would like to say that we were invited to participate in the Horror Film Festival in France, which I am very proud of.


And what are you doing now, or you just waiting for your first film to be released?

Well, let’s say that I’m lucky to be shooting my second film, which is very different than Camp. The film’s title is " El Balad Fiha Hokoma" it’s a political action film, written by Tarek Hammam and stars Tamer Hagras, Ezzat Abu Ouf, Ghada Abdel Razek and Heidy Karam.

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