Cairo Mood

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Cairenes are known for several things, most of which relate to their humorous nature, improvisational skills, and incomparable, at times incomprehensible, moods that deem them ‘mazagangeya’. Ahmed Mehanna takes the best and weirdest of actions and thoughts carried out by Egyptians and compiles them in an easy-read little book titled “Cairo Mood”.


The book has four sections: On Normal People, The Truth, Love Doesn’t Cost a Thing, and Resisting the Resistance. Each section has a few reads, written independently giving you the option to read separate stories over any preferred period of time. They are in short story forms, prose, poems, keeping you constantly intrigued and entertained. Mehanna dedicates his book to the human inside of each one of us, the one who expresses our true feelings but we always fear disclosing. His book is very thought provoking. It gives you the room to relate to his topics, which linger in your mind long after they’re read.

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