Cairo Capital Clinic, The First Integrated Polyclinic Center in Zamalek!

Interviewed By: Farah Ahmed
Written By: Eman ElDoghry

For ages, Zamalek has been known for its sophisticated beauty and unique environment; but unfortunately, trouble was facing its residents for the past period. Due to the geographical location, there was a lack in medical services. But now, the issue has been solved, by implementing the first polyclinic center in Zamalek by Dr. Hany Tarek, partnering with the highest experts.

Dr. Hany Tarek, Ain-Shams university graduate with thirteen years of experience in dentistry, is one of Zamalek’s residents who once suffered from the lack of medical services. In case of emergencies, he had to go to the 6th of October as this was the nearest stop to any medical care facility. Then this thought popped up: he wondered what if they had a fully equipped medical center in Zamalek? And there it was: Zamalek’s first polyclinic center.

The polyclinic model is an integrated entity that offers full medical services, including a complete lab, and numerous specializations such as ophthalmology, gynecology, dermatology and cosmetics, dentistry, pediatrics, and much more. In addition, Cairo Capital Clinic is the first  in Egypt to offer geriatric services –a specially designed health care program designed for the elderly.

Dr. Hany gave us his golden tips for perfect teeth. Firstly, one needs to brush their teeth daily and correctly. Secondly, mouthwash is essential. Thirdly, one must use dental floss; or instead, there is “water floss” that gets rid of food stains within the teeth by water pressure. And lastly, one should watch out what one’s eating to avoid caries and bacteria. We also asked him about the “Hollywood smile”. The trend that is making everybody crazy. He stated that doctors offer their patients a variety of whitening models to fit their faces.

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