Cadbury’s new chocolate is driving everybody insane

Cadbury’s new chocolate is driving everybody insane- What Women Want

Falling in love with chocolate comes naturally to every woman. Chocolate doesn’t accuse you of being high maintenance and moody or even call you fat, it simply accepts you the way you are. There have been a series of videos circulating on Facebook, revealing that Cadbury’s new 5 Star chocolate helps you unwind from this stressful life, and travel into a world of your own. Cadbury 5 Star chocolate makes you jump out of your comfort zone, and do something many people would call “crazy”.

These videos got us thinking how essential chocolate is in a woman’s life. Here are seven reasons why chocolate deserves every woman’s affection:

  1. Chocolate will calm you down when you are experiencing a flux of emotions.
  2. It doesn’t keep secrets.The calories are printed on the label, you know exactly what is going on.
  3. Chocolate is spontaneous. It comes in many flavors and sizes, you can never get sick of it.
  4. It’s literally the sweetest part of your life.
  5. Chocolate will never judge you. If you want to eat a bar of Cadbury at 3 am it will never give you that judgemental look.
  6. Chocolate always listens. A bar of chocolate silently listens to your problems and gives you comfort.
  7. It gets along with your friends. Let’s face it no one hates chocolate.

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