Cadbury and Cleobuttera Take Ramadan Desserts To Another Level

Ramadan is all about bringing new and innovative desserts to the Iftar table, it all started with Mango Konafa and continues with the Red Velvet trend. Cadbury has collaborated with the queen of desserts, the incredibly talented Foodie Cleobuttera to create new Ramadan dessert recipes. This is the first time ever Cadbury Egypt creates recipes with its own products.


Being the dessert guru she is, Cadbury couldn’t find a better food blogger than Cleobuttera to create simple, easy and delicious treats for everyone to prepare and indulge on. The recipes consist of a series of short videos on Facebook, where Cleobuttera prepares oriental Egyptian desserts but with a special twist, like mouthwatering Konafa Smores.   


Cadbury continues to surprise us “what do you think they are doing next?”

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