Bridezillas Rejoice! Guestbookery is a Fab Life Saver!

Guestbookery is a fabulous new brand in town, blending vintage props with modern pieces, adding charm and romance to your guestbook table!

Here are 5 reasons why Guestbookery should be part of your big day:

  1. The obvious one: you need to remember who attended your big day, duh: How else are you going to reminisce 5 years after your wedding day? All jokes aside, after hectic preparations and long hours of planning you need a cute guestbook filled with sweet messages from the people you love. This will definitely make your day all that much special.guestbookery-1
  1. How else are you going to spice up your entrance: It’s the perfect sneak peek of your actual wedding reception. Guestbookery has an array of unique products that make the dreaded and awkward act of signing guestbooks actually enjoyable.
  1. You’ll ditch the boring old white satin book: Why settle on a traditional guestbook when the sky is the limit on new designs. Guestbookery customizes each guestbook according to the wedding theme, not one guestbook is exactly the other. guestbookery-3
  1. Other than them being alternative, they’re made to last: Why have an unnecessarily useless guestbook where after the wedding you stack it in a box under the bed, when you can have a decorative piece of art? These Guestbookery set-ups will definitely add a lot of character to your house and stay as a lasting memory of your wedding day.
  1. Guestbookery just opened in Egypt: ­After a successful launch in Houston, TX with over 1000 orders in only one year, Guestbookery is expanding in Egypt. ­­­­Contact them and let your guestbook tell your story!

Instagram: @guestbookery

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