Brainstorming Friendly Destinations in Egypt

Cairo is a very busy city, and although it’s part of its charm, sometimes we need a break. Many times, in fact, those breaks end up helping us with work. What’s better than a quiet, serene place for a solo brainstorming session? Here is our directory for the best brainstorming friendly destinations in Egypt.



This city combines beautiful urban streets, gorgeous fields and lots of history. It’s also quiet, making it a great location for taking some time off to think. You can climb the long steps leading to the extremely well preserved Ancient Egyptian Beni Hassan tombs. Once you arrive there the ancient sight will be in front of you on the mountain cliff. And behind you will be wide, stretching fields of green. Gorgeous, mind stimulating sights like that can only be great for your creativity. Hotel options aren’t that many in Minya. However, there are some reasonable places to go like Grand Aton and Siva Nefertiti hotels, both of which have great views of the Nile.



Yet another secluded location with great history. Aswan has much more history than Minya, though. And that is great even if you are not a history enthusiast. The temples, statues and general scenery are extremely beautiful and inspiring. If you are an artist or love to draw for fun, you will find that Aswan is just asking to be sketched. One of the best places to go there is Anakato. We wrote about the hotel before. It provides lovely Nubian experiences alongside its beautiful rooms, food and views.



Great history and lovely beaches are great, but not always what you need. Sometimes all you need is to look out at soothing green fields and inhale a nice lungful of fresh air. For that, we’ve got Fayoum. With its greenery, farms and lakes, it’s a wonderful place to relax. This usually stimulates better results when you brainstorm. Sobek Village is another wonderful place which we’ve recommended before. It’s a scenic lodge in Fayoum that also has pottery classes. This can only serve to help even more, as handcrafts are known to be a form of meditation.



Looking at Ismailia, we no longer wonder why they call it “City of Beauty and Enchantment”. The city itself is clean and beautiful. Its location on the Suez Canal gives it gorgeous natural scenery. There is also all the French architecture to admire. The Virgin Mary church is an example of the beautiful architecture one can find there. Mercure Ismailia Forsan Island is a wonderful place to stay with options between lake, beach and pool views.



Alexandria isn’t exactly serene and quiet during summertime, but during the winter it’s a wonderful spot for brainstorming. There’s nothing better than Alexandria’s beach during the winter. It will be colder than Cairo, so make sure to pack heavy jackets. There will also be some rain, so prepare for that. Staying in Alexandria, you have plenty of options. You can choose between a luxurious stay at the Four Seasons, or a nice boutique hotel like Paradise Inn Le Metropole Hotel.

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