Status Emo

A liberating story about life experience and letting go of the confines of our Middle Eastern society, Status Emo talks about an Egyptian boy in his twenties who is sick of his monotonous life. On Facebook, he meets an interesting girl called Emmie who is an emo and who has a completely unique lifestyle to any other Egyptian girl he has encountered before. Her convictions are out of the ordinary and she lives in a whirlwind of strange fashion, drinking, smoking, sex and drugs. He quickly becomes addicted to her and he starts to let go of the ideals he’s been brought up with all his life, discovering philosophical atheism and Satanism. But what happens when after he embarks on his thought-altering, life changing journey he hits rock bottom and loses Emmie too? This is an intruiging book, tackling the trials and tribulations the Facebook generation face every day. 

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