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The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been going on for more than 50 years. This novel very clearly displays the conflict. However, it also brings in different Palestinian liberation organizations such as the PLO as well as an Islamic religious movement; it depicts how there is not only an Israeli-Palestinian conflict but also a Palestinian versus Palestinian one taking place. The novel is able to captivate the reader by including three main siblings: Sabri, Rashid, and Iman. Sabri is the eldest sibling that has been crippled as a result of a bombing. He wants to write the history of Palestine based on the notes that he is constantly taking. Rashid and Iman are twins with very different ideas. Rashid wants to separate himself from everything Palestinian and takes his first step in doing so by moving to London. As for Iman, she wants to make a difference in her country.

The structure and wording of this novel allow you to picture all of the events clearly in your head. Selma writes it in a very precise and descriptive manner that you can’t help but feel an overwhelming presence of yourself within the story. To add to that, the novel shows you in depth the ongoing struggle of people that have been trying to stand up for their country.

It’s been described as “An original and vivid voice. Full of energy, this is a new and welcome take on the Palestinian story,” by Ahdaf Soueif. You definitely do not want to miss then chance to read this book. 

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