Nady El Sayarat

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Turning his pen from the political scene in Egypt and after nearly four years away from fiction, Alaa El Aswany releases his talked about novel ‘Nady El Sayarat’. El Aswany travels with his readers from the invention of the first car in the world by Mercedes Benz to Egypt in the 40’s where Nady El Sayarat (Automobile Club) opened its doors to Cairo’s elite.


The novel brings us a society that worshipped royalty and the British occupation as well as the Power Players and the cream of the crop, who enslaved the people before the 1952’s Revolution. We get into the Royal Palace, learning secrets and facts about the King and his servants, the loyalists and the traitors. We learn about characters and personalities that ruled parts of the Egyptian society when the whip was the one and only tool to master obedience.


After reading Nady El Sayarat, you’ll get the feeling that no matter what happened; Egyptians have always been die hard fighters!

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