Margaret Atwood’s last book in the Maddaddam trilogy came out in August 2014, much to fans’ delight. The book definitely did not disappoint. Picking up from where the previous book, Year of the Flood, left off, the book follows Toby, Ren, Amanda and Zeb. Maddaddam focuses more on Toby and Zeb’s side of the story. As the book progresses, it reveals a lot about Zeb’s mysterious past. Blackbeard, a Craker child, is introduced to this story. And as Atwood ties all the loose ends in her imaginative depiction of a post-apocalyptic world, she provides a beautifully optimistic ending that has a place for him. Maddaddam is a colorful journey into a world that is all Atwood’s. It takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster, full of many funny moments and clever references. All in all a must-read just like the two other books in the trilogy.

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