Biker Zone: Rocking the Road on Two Wheels

Riding bicycles and motorbikes has been the new trend on the rise for the past couple of years. And we are loving it! Women have been using motorbikes, scooters and even bicycles more and more often. This resulted in small communities and groups for female bikers to form. Those are in turn part of an even bigger community of male and female bikers in Egypt.








One of the biggest events for bikers is Biker Zone, which is an event made specifically for bikers. We collaborated with Biker Zone and met with some extremely inspiring women who decided to pursue riding as either a hobby or a means of transportation. They told us all about how riding has changed their lives, and how they overcome everyday struggles. When it comes to harassment, their answers surprised us, “no one bothers me. A lot of people let me pass when they notice I’m a woman”, Soulef El Hadary tells us. “I’m never bothered on the streets”, Heba Abdelraouf tells, “I wear my full gear, and they don’t even notice that I’m a girl”. And regardless of whether riding is a hobby, or a lifestyle, it has changed them, “it made me see the street in a different way”, Abeer Abdelfattah says.

Soulef El Hadary 


Those strong women, like many other bikers both male and female, have joined Biker Zone. The event doesn’t only spread awareness about riding two wheel means of transportation, but is also an entertainment event. It is an expo which features the latest motorbikes, bicycles and any of their related accessories. This is where bikers get together to share their experiences and learn new things about anything bike related!

Our favorite part about all of this is how we are now getting a chance to try new things. Whether the participants ride for fun, or they run errands with their motorbikes and bicycles, they are enjoying an event that spreads awareness about their passion.


Heba Abdelraouf


The event took place between the 5th and 7th of March. There was plenty of fun to go around for anyone, between the ride to Bikers Zone, the motorcycle catwalk, exhibitors, and live music, there was something for everyone. Bike and bicycle enthusiasts had an entire weekend of fun with like minded people where they found out the latest trends to go with their favorite hobby.

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