best 10 changing looks

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She is the Diva of Pop and has been a fashion icon for decades now. Madonna is a Chameleon par excellence and always manages to be the most changing celebrity look since “Who’s that Girl?”.
Charlize Theron
Charlize is the sophisticated blonde with poise and grace. For her film roles she adapts different looks that fit like a second skin. With the most courage for change she is number 2 of the changing looks!
Lindsay Lohan
Hollywood bad girl Lindsay altered from cute to hot right in front of our eyes. The once teenage freckled red head has grown into a charismatic beauty with ever after changing looks. Blond, copper, black and platinum Lindsay knows how to change her style to her advantage.
Kate Moss
She has been around for quite a while now, the hip Brit! Always able to re-invent herself Kate is always on top!
Jennifer Aniston
With her locks Jen has always been a style star and everyone wanted her mane! Jen was able to restyle her do many times followed by many female fans who just craved to be closer to the sexy girl next door.
She is one hot cookie with a breathtaking voice. With an evolution of hotness Beyonce changes her look with each party she attends or film role she plays. Bootylicious is an underestimation!
Nicole Kidman
She is the hottest of her generation, with class and style Nicole swaps looks like a professional. She keeps on surprising us with more make-overs.
Sienna Miller
UK’s hottest style icon and Jude Law’s Ex, Sienna has a tendency to beauty and sex appeal. Being a model and fashion icon she looks different on each red carpet.
Cameron Diaz
Cameron is surely blessed with good genes. From blond to brunette to black hair she has that certain something.
Shakira’s hips don’t lie and surely not her looks! From blond to fire red to black she looks great and hot!
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