Belly-warming Creamy Chicken Soup

For the perfect tasty way to break your fast, this soup is creamy and delicious and will definitely have you coming back for seconds!

2 cups chicken broth
500g Almarai cooking cream
3 cloves of garlic minced
5 pieces of marinated chicken fillet
Spices (salt/pepper/cumin/nutmeg/coriander/cinnamon.. etc.)
1 tbs flour

-In a sauce pan add butter and garlic, then add the chicken broth. Pour the Almarai cooking cream. Grill the chicken then add it with the spices.
-Leave to boil. To make it thicker, add the flour to some milk in a glass and mix well then strain so water comes out into the soup whilst the particles remain in the strainer.
Top Tip: boil some carrots, onions, and green leaves with the chicken soup then strain out the lumps and serve.

Credits for the Recipe go to Nora El Sadat, find her on instagram at @noraelsadat for more amazing recipes!

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