Behind every great Red Bull Flying Bull is a greater woman leading the way!

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Behind every great Red Bull Flying Bull is a greater woman leading the way!
Every child dreams about flying and while growing up he/she realizes that this is impossible and quits dreaming, but sixty year old pilot RadkaMachova never stopped dreaming and not did she enter blue skies, but she also became a leader of other dreamers.
Married with two sons RadkaMachova graduated from the University of Transport and Trade in Prague as a specialist for aviation and air transport. At university she also obtained her private pilot’s license in 1971, and in 1976 she went into aerobatics. Together with Jiri Saller, she also was a member of the Czechoslovakian national aerobatics team for a couple of years. Holding a professional pilot’s license, she manages a small air transport company where she flies business people and VIPs in business jets.
Since 2001 she has been taking part in the training sessions of the Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team. Flying bulls is the legendary Czech team of four pilots, who are every air – show’s guests in the world. The other three pilots are Jiri Saller, Jiri Veprek and Miroslav Krejci who are all aviation experts. We met RadkaMachova at the Red Bull Flying Bulls at Porto Marina last month for an exclusive chit chat on her profession.
When we asked her about other things that she does when she isn’t flying we were surprised to find her with other interesting hobbies like photography and diving. RadkaMachova is fascinated with her passion of flying and on being the only leader of male pilots she told us that there was no competition whatsoever between her and her and her male co-workers, but it’s a great feeling to be the only female in the air. “I love flying and I would never quit that as long as I’m healthy enough to go and lead other flying pilots”. There is no age limit for men or women to fly such planes, the most important thing is to remain healthy and fit to be a hotshot in the air and RadkaMachova knows all about that.
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