Bedroom Design Ideas Based on Your Child’s Character!


As the new school year begins, so do household changes! One of such changes occurs in our children’s bedrooms. As our kids grow and begin forming specific characteristics and interests, we begin wanting to reflect such aspects through their bedroom setups! Here are two very common interests children grow to find passion in, and how to apply them in a bedroom setup using IKEA products.

Artsy Genius!

This child loves grabbing the colored pencils, loves paintbrushes, loves expression and loves colors! Here are some great IKEA products to help nourish their artsy character:

MÅLA Water colour box: Designed to display vivid colors and make blending watercolors easier, this IKEA product makes your child’s painting experience a very pleasant and easy-going one!

Colourcheck Proof: Jenny Söderström
TROFAST Frame: Store all the tools such as paintbrushes, colored pencils, scissors and glues, in this bucket frame holder! Get some IKEA buckets, separate all the tools, and place the buckets in the frame.


STICKAT Stool Cover: Why not add an artistic touch to the Mammut Children’s Stool with this vibrant stool cover? It’s another form of artistic expression!


STICKAT Bed Pocket: This is the perfect IKEA product for your child to store their bedtime sketchbooks or art history books before falling asleep!

#MAT008088V1#STICKAT bed pckt Orange Pantone TCX 16-1462 plain weave ployester Q2#Final

MAMMUT Children’s Stool: This very basic IKEA product will make the experience of using the MÅLA Easel a much easier one! Instead of standing, your child can sit comfortably and paint.


MÅLA Easel, softwood: This product is an easy go-to for the need of a quick artistic expression!

Sporty Champion!

This child is a sports’ fanatic! She/he loves to play ball, tennis, bowling, you name it! Here are some awesome IKEA products that will help reflect this passion for sports:

STUVA Storage Combination: This IKEA storage product gives way for the perfect separation of all those sports attire/equipment! Socks in one area, gloves in another, jerseys in yet another and so on!

MAT000164V1-IKEA WHITE no 2 Pigm lacq 25 Q2

PLUFSIG Folding Gym Mat: This mat gives your child an easy and comfortable basis for their morning stretches before running out to catch the school bus!

Colourcheck proof: Per Almén
SPRINGA Rug, Low Pile: This rug is the perfect reflection of just how active your child is! It literally shows the layout of a running track. How appropriate!


LOSJÖN Hanger : These hangers are perfect for a quick solution as opposed to throwing everything around the room. After practice, your child can hang their soccer or rugby cleats on one of these instead of leave them out on the floor. They can also place their jump rope or their favorite jersey on another!

colorcheck - Jens Fleron
BOLLSINNE, BOLLTOKIG, SPARKA colorful soft toys: These three perfect and comfortable bed decorations, together, express the deep passion your child generically has for sports!

Colourcheck No Info: Niklas Enhag


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  1. Love this bedroom, what a fantastic idea to base your child’s room on their personality, love the STICKAT Bed Pocket perfect for a budding artist or a book worm! We have always tried to have a theme in mind when decorating our two daughters bedrooms. One of our daughters is also very creative and arty and we found a fantastic range for children’s themed bedrooms when we decorated last year. We put up a fantastic chalk board wall sticker, perfect for doodling!

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