Beauty is Pain – The Daily Suffering of A Woman

It’s not just the things we have to go through because this is how we were built, not just giving birth and menstruation cramps. Our pain is sometimes due to something we regularly do. We do know those things are unnecessary, yet we’ve been wired to do them without a second thought. Here are 5 painful beauty routines women go through, when they really shouldn’t have to.







Wearing a Bra:



They’re painful, they leave marks on your skin, and act as an obstruction to your blood circulation. It’s been recommended to not wear a bra to help you stay toned. When you’ve got constant support, your muscles don’t pull their own weight so to speak. Also, there is speculation that wearing a bra for a long duration might contribute to breast cancer. So every now and then wear a baggy sweater, and let your body relax. You can’t deny that the best feeling in the world is taking off your bra when you go home.



Wearing High Heels:



The next best thing to taking your  bra off is taking your heels off. Yes, we admit they’re pretty, but what else do they do, other than ruining your ankles, knees, hips and back? Yes, it might look like heels are doing wonders for your posture now, but take a look down the line and you’ll see the real damage they’re causing to it. Heels are evil.






We can’t believe we’re still keeping these businesses afloat when they cause us so much pain. Legs, arms, eyebrows and upper lip are all equally awful, but the worst and most dreaded is the bikini wax. And guess what? Most women take that pain, and go back for more! Yes, the results are great, but the pain at the time feels so great, we can’t imagine ourselves ever doing it again. Still, we do.



Big, Elaborate Hairstyles



This is not something a lot of women will talk about, but we’ve all been there at least once. We’ve all had an occasion where we got our hair done in a nicely elaborate ‘do, which ended up giving us neck pain with a side of headache. Those gorgeous hairstyles usually require lots of pinning and tying, and a long process using heat and hairspray. All these factors trigger migraines, sinusitis, and neck pain. So it’s no wonder that when we’re finally home and unpinning our hair, we start to feel our heads throbbing.






I can hear you thinking, “corsets? But women stopped wearing corsets”. This is because, like Jon Snow, you know nothing. While not as common as once before, corsets still exist and many women buy them. Adding to that the fact that plenty of dresses come equipped with built-in corsets that pretty much do the same effect  damage. Those corsets don’t only cause shortage of breath and severe weakness in the back muscles, oh no, there’s more; they might dislocate or crack the ribs of its owner if they tie it tight enough.

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