Based on your picks from The Edward’s Ramadan menu, which ‘El Leila El Kebeera’ character are you?

The Edward’s have put together an amazing spread this month, with their ‘El Leila El Kabeera’ theme making you feel like you have stepped into a Ramadan paradise. And with so many different delicious foods and drinks on offer, the whole family will be able to choose their favorites. But which character from do you mostly resemble based on your food choices from The Edward’s Ramadan menu?

1) Which dessert is your guilty pleasure from The Edward’s Ramadan menu?

a) Konafa Osmany
b) Rice Pudding
c) Strawberry jelly

2) The Edward’s have new dishes every single day, with all these options, do you…

a) Stick to the food that you know and love such as béchamel pasta and fattah
b) Try one or two new things like gratin artichoke.
c) Embrace the unknown and try all the things you have never tried before from their delicious new menu.

3) With a wide choice from International or Egyptian dishes for Iftar, do you…

a) Stick with the traditional Egyptian foods like Egyptian Fattah
b) Pick the international dishes like Chicken Cordon Blu.
c) Choose bits of both!

4) From all the delicious side dishes that The Edward’s have available, you pick…

a) Cold vine leaves with yogurts & mint sauce
b) Alexandrian liver
c) Artichoke gratin with minced beef

5) When trying to rehydrate yourself, what will you choose from The Edward’s drinks menu?

a) Traditional Egyptian drinks like Sobya, Kharroub or Tamr hendi.
b) Tea with mint.
c) Soda all way!

6) It is Sohour time! The Edward’s are offering a delectable menu with lots of choice for Sohour, do you…

a) Eggs with foul, because the traditional option is the best for fasting!
b) Spicy Potatoes with coriander.
c) Eat lots of rice pudding and jelly, because even if they make your fast more difficult, they taste too good to resist!

Mostly A’s- Baya3 el Hummus

You are old-school and like to stick with traditions, especially when it comes to food during Ramadan. From choosing dishes full of authentic Egyptian flavors to making sure that your choices leave you full and hydrated for your day’s fast, Ramadan is done classic-style.

Mostly B’s- El Ra2asa

You are proud of your Egyptianess. So during Ramadan you make sure to sample the Egyptian foods and enjoy traditions, but you like a bit of something different mixed in there too.

Mostly C’s- El Mosawaraty

You are a bit of a rebel and a rule-breaker. When it comes to Ramadan, you like to follow your tastes wherever they may take you, from international dishes to having dessert for Sohour!

Whatever your personality and whatever you are craving this Ramadan, The Edward’s has something for everyone! And with weekly entertainment, the atmosphere promises to be as fantastic as the food. And to truly embrace the spirit of Ramadan, The Edward’s are donating part of the profit from every single meal to a charitable cause, meaning that every bite you take will help give something back to society.

Check out their amazing Ramadan menu to see for yourself:

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