Badass female characters this Ramadan!


We love a strong female character. One of the most effective means of empowerment is representation in the media. The more often we see strong women on-screen, we’re sure to see even stronger women off-screen. Here are our favorite strong female characters this year.


Ensheraah – Wanoos

We love Hala Sedky, and her role in Wannous is just another reason why! A good actress who also happens to have a great sense of humor is a force to be reckoned with. This wouldn’t be Hala Sedky’s first strong character, but it’s definitely one of our favorites. Ensheraah is a mother of eight, who raises her children for 20 years on her own after her husband disappears. Ensheraah is loving and caring, but when it comes down to it, her word trumps all.

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Sekeena – Grand Hotel

Sawsan Badr oozes strength! And she has been consistently impressing us each Ramadan for the past few years. Her role in Grand Hotel isn’t exactly that of a “good character”, she’s more of a character who knows what she wants and she does it herself. Sekeena is the head of the housekeeping staff at the hotel and she is a great leader. She can perfectly direct and handle big responsibilities, and she makes sure things go her way.

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Noha – El Mizan

Ghada Adel was included in last year’s list for her powerful role in Al Ahd, and still made the cut this year as Noha in El Mizan. Noha is a lawyer whose main concern is proving the truth, no matter what. She completely relies on herself, and would even pull off dangerous tasks to get an innocent man off death row. And when she is betrayed by her husband, she walks away.

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Dorreya – Afrah El Obba

Again, not entirely the “good character”, but one that the viewer will immediately recognize as a powerful character that they will root for. Dorreya is played by Seba Mubarak, the gorgeous actress plays a 1970s theatrical actress who loves her job and will do everything it takes to stay on top. She is smart, cunning, and knows how to have her way.



Nihal – Soqout Horr

Nihal is the aunt that everyone likes, but she still has a strong character and stands up for what’s right! Although she has a rocky relationship with her sister Siham, she seems to stand up to her.  Her efforts on keeping the family together while everyone is falling apart definitely makes her badass!


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