Azza Al Maghraby

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Azza Al Maghraby, 35 year old Jordanian Egyptian is soon to claim her stake on the jewelry design front. With her unique style and designs she adds the word fine to jewelry. As a newly wed she came to Egypt fifteen years ago and was busy raising her four children. With a degree in business administration and her kids grown up, she is more than ready to venture into her passion.


When did you start the idea of designing jewelry?

I started the idea three years ago, as I always used to tell jewelers a certain design I want or have in mind and I never bought an ordinary piece of jewelry. I don’t like original or traditional stuff we see every day in the jeweler’s displays so I decided to design myself and started a workshop at home to be able to work indoors. My friends used to come around and watch me work or admire something I wear and ask if I could make them a similar one and from that moment the word was spread and I started to display my work in some beauty centers and boutiques and promote my designs on Facebook.


Did you study design?

I took a jewelry design course in Egypt by an Iranian teacher, which helped me a lot to understand the business. I had the talent already, but to study something you like makes you a better expert.


From where does your inspiration come from?

In the past, I used to shake hands with a new friend and that’s it, today I focus on every detail around me to obtain new ideas. If I saw you wearing a pink, white, green jacket I get the idea of mixing the three colors in one piece of jewelry and so on. I capture a certain design then I develop it.


Your designs have a new untraditional presentation, with unique words written on it, what is the feedback of clients?

As I said before I don’t like traditional designs I prefer to add and develop all the time. My favorite Quran versus or song names reflect on my work. Its funny women ask me who I shall tell “Enta Omri”? I just smile and tell them it doesn’t have to be your partner it could be anyone and when Egyptian women know that something is the latest trend, they buy it immediately. Sometimes I consider the latest trends but on the color aspect only, for example purple shades are the latest trend so I use purple stones but the design is my own trend. Long necklaces are the latest jewelry fashion these days, but I prefer my pendants to be in silk, colored ribbons or braids and it turns out to be wonderful.


Do you put women’s different tastes into consideration?

When I first got started, I didn’t really do that. I used to focus on my own taste, but now I come to make friendly bonds with my customers in order to know them well and also to brainstorm with them what they like to wear and make a mixture between both tastes. Last year, a bunch of prom girls came to me with their dresses and asked me to recommend the jewelry that can suit them and the dress, so that’s actually a technique I use in my business.


Is there any celebrity whose jewelry you like most?

I like Yousra’s jewelry very much. She has a taste you don’t always see it around especially in her earrings. Dima’s Designs are something I like the most and got lots of inspiration from.


Is there any difference between Egyptian and Jordanian women’s taste?

Yes there is, and it’s a geographical aspect by the way. Jordanian women have lived a while in war and it reflects on their taste. They like simple designs and that’s due to their practical lives, on the other hand Egyptian women prefer lots of color and details and I think that is because they lived in an environment with more prosperity than the Jordanian ones. Some of my work is very liked by Egyptians and doesn’t have that popularity in Amman and vice versa, so I try to be more flexible in my work.


What is your jewelry made from?

I work with silver, and 14 & 18 carats of Gold; I also design gold plated jewelry. It actually depends on the lady’s budget; she chooses the design and the materials.


From where do you get your stones?

My main source is Lebanon from a place called “Borj Hammoud” which has fine stones, I also get some from Khan Al Khalili, which are of very fine quality but very wide-spread so I take the and develop them on my own. Lately I bought stones from Thailand that happen to be also unique and glamorous.


What about diamonds? Are there any plans to include diamonds?

Not right now, but there are in the future I hope. I just like first to study the diamond business to be totally aware of it in order to be successful. I don’t want to rush and fall down quickly, so I’ll take it step by step to be a total expert.


Azza Al Maghraby is reachable on 012-2151888 and on Facebook. Her showroom will open soon in Mohandesin.



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