At-Home Self-Grooming during Lockdown, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

It’s not every day that you come across a beauty blogger who’s shamelessly sharing how she shaves her moustache and bleaches her body in video tutorials to help other girls. Well, 24-year-old Nayra Nassar just took beauty blogging to a whole new level through her ‘Self’ blog on Instagram where she shares raw and unedited footage of how she takes care of herself.

“I think all of us are guilty of trying too hard to look good on Instagram, but it really is very demotivating for so many women and girls to see unrealistic pictures all the time and keep chasing unachievable goals! Girls and boys send me all the time because they are not comfortable in their own skin and it is about time we change that,” Nayra says.

Considering that, despite her camera shyness, Nayra decided to go online and share women’s beauty struggles uncensored, hoping to encourage them and break the social taboos. “Stop putting our sanitary pads in black bags, stop freaking out over body or facial hair, stop making decisions about what women can or can’t do with their bodies, stop making a taboo out of nature,” she adds.

Introduced to skincare at a young age, Nayra obsessed over it all her life, experimenting on herself and friends. Realizing her obsession, she created her blog to reflect self-care, love, and worth. “I didn’t want it to stop at skin-care. I wanted it to be relatable and realistic and stress on the fact that self-love is so much more than skin-care,” she emphasises.

With the lockdown and the Corona risk, visiting salons has never been harder. It is why women are kind of forced to take matters into their own hands and do everything at home. Responding to that, Nayra shares her tips on how to fully self-groom at home during and after lockdown, emphasizing that women must understand their skin and hair.

Nayra’s Self-Grooming Tips

  1. Take control over your mental health. If you have a problem, acknowledge it and work on it. Your skin will never glow if you are weighed down.
  2. Eat well and drink plenty of water! Taking care of your eating pattern will instantly reflect on your skin; honey, fruits, vegetables and water are basic necessities that should be in your everyday diet.
  3. Study your skin, know its type and what affects it. Try to know what causes the problems before spending so much time and money treating it.
  4. Do it yourself routines (DIYs) aren’t always good. Be extremely cautious with what you apply on your skin.
  5. Try switching to being natural, you have more time now to experiment and it is a much better choice!
  6. Exfoliate your face and body 2-3 times a week.
  7. Multi-mask your hair and face, multi-masking is so much fun.
  8. Take longer showers and do a nice body routine – we rarely ever get the time to look after the skin on our body, one of my favourite self-grooming at home is: dry brushing.
  9. If you remove hair for yourself, make sure you do it correctly! Removing it in the wrong direction or using the wrong techniques causes strawberry skin.
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