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Dina Samaha is an upcoming Egyptian artist with a unique edge. She is an architect and interior designer in one of the leading companies in Egypt besides assisting in both architecture and art courses at the AUC. Art has always been her energy boosting source whether through sketching, drawing or painting. She originally started out drawing, but when she entered high school she was introduced to classical painting and loved painting ever since.

Dina started out working on academic drawings and paintings using subject matters such as architecture, portraits, landscapes, and still life. She gets inspired mainly by the beauty of nature and people especially women. “I love to highlight the beauty of women in my paintings, the real side of them that our society does not reveal. I love to show the feminine side of women as wearing makeup, looking at her reflection in the mirror, focusing on her facial details and close-ups” she says.

Dina is unsatisfied by how the art scene in Egypt discourages female artists. “The art market is not easily accessible even by the artists. A lot of people have the talent but lack the opportunity and support to display their work “she explains.

Egyptian women are unquestionably objectified by media and society due to the lack of education and empowerment. “Our society tends to be patriarchal. If we were to talk about painting nudity for example, I think to some people, this is considered provocative and unacceptable. However; from the artists’ perspective, this is art, there is a message behind it! He/ she are free to express their message in their own way. People must learn to “appreciate” and understand art. This is the message I am trying to send through my paintings” Dina comments.

The young artist thinks that every woman wants something different. “In my point of view, every woman seeks respect. Egyptian women have experienced a culture of true respect long time ago, but not anymore. I personally think that there is no excuse or justification whatsoever for depriving a woman of the right to being treated with respect” she says.

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