Are you Really Happy Single or Pretending to be?

Once upon a time it was Friday night that happened to be Valentine’s Day& a full moon at the same time!
As a teenager a day like this always mattered, whether I had a crush on someone, or I was officially with a BF I always planned for it, the gift, the card, the chocolates & the wrapping, two weeks before Valentine’s I had endless brainstorming sessions with my besties to come up with the most innovative gift idea! Then five days before I wandered around the streets of Cairo looking for that special something, and stood in long queues at NO NAME (the most famous cards/wrapping/silly teddies shop in Cairo at that time)
It used to be so much pressure for me, that I once got my BF a card written on it “To my wife” instead of “To my life”, and once I forgot a pair of my socks inside the gift, when I decided to use my own wrapping skills, I also once texted by mistake my BF, a message I had written to my ex, of course that relationship ended before our Valentines’ dinner!
Obviously I am not a Romantic, or maybe just a funny one! VD put so much pressure on me, that I am actually happy I’m single today!
Later that night I started thinking, if this is one of the signs why I am happily single, what else proves that a person is single & content and not pretending? And what do unhappily single people feel or do?
The truth is, whether you are, single by choice or force you are one of 2 types: Those who appreciate solitude as an opportunity, and they are happy (I will call them HSS) happy Single Soul, and Others who are suffering the loss of companionship but pretending to be happy (USS) unhappy single soul.
HSS: You’re Free as a Kite your only obligations are towards yourself, and you take advantage of that by accomplishing your dreams and discovering life possibilities.
USS: Your life feels like baggy pants, big and loose. You don’t know where to start, you feel burdened even without any obligations. You are not moving forward or enjoying any of your free time, you’re on HOLD mode, but always claim you’re too busy for anything, and that you have your own confidential plans
HSS: Your social life is as Sexy as Rihanna, you are using your free time to bond more with your friends and get to know new people, you are everybody’s favorite because you have the time and energy to be caring and attentive.
USS: You’re a loner, you avoid going out and don’t feel enthusiastic about meeting new people, you’re simply not confident enough on your own, you attack social gatherings and say they are too shallow or boring, everyone is evil and new friends can endanger your life, who needs them anyway?
HSS: You have better BD parties than Kim Kardashian, you plan special occasions with a lot of imagination, you initiate your BD plans and make it a fabulous one, and you do your kind of party.
USS: On special occasions and especially on your Birthday you don’t even want to celebrate, you are sad that you’re spending such a day alone, but you blame it on age or that your friends don’t care enough, you look for someone or something to project your anger.
HSS: You’re Superwoman 2014, you are your friends crying shoulder, and when your committed friends need support, you are always there for them to give them objective realistic advice.
USS: When your friends come with the HELP sign, you either turn them off because you feel that they shouldn’t complain, after all they are privileged of having someone and you are alone! Or you give them the single biatch “oh just break up with that bastard speech” Deep inside you, it will make you happy if they joined you on the singlehood bench, then you can be miserable and lonely together!
HSS: You’re a Bikram Yoga Soul, you are cool & relaxed, you don’t go crazy on your friends when they try to Match you .com, you are a happy single adult not a sensitive abundant puppy.
USS: When your friends try to hook you up, you turn into a Liger! What a humiliation, what do they think? That you will just take somebody’s left overs? That you are too desperate? !
HSS: You are a Good Witch, you look at happy couples and you feel optimistic that love still exists. You still believe in lifetime partnership, companionship and commitment but you know that life is phases and each phase has its beauty.
USS: Every time you see a happy couple you get depressed, you think of how unlucky and unfortunate you are, you’re jealous and envious and can’t stand to be around them but give them the Ice Queen arrogant smile of “Oh! I am in such a better place than you right now”
HSS: You’re a fat free Greek yogurt, Greek yogurt has a thicker, creamier texture, but is light & fat free, now that you are not burdened by the relationship daily workout, you can get deep and use your single time to analyze your previous stories and learn from your mistakes, easy and smooth, this is the perfect time to know what you really want and how you want your life to be.
USS: You’re constantly dwelling on the past, your life is full of “regrets” and “what if’s” you’re trapped in your sorrows, because you simply can’t let go, you lost your faith in love, while you’re longing for it, but in your defense you always say Love is only fool’s Paradise.
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