Are you an Idiot?

Once upon a time there was a girl who did everything her parents, friends, neighbors, colleagues and doorman expected of her and then lived miserably ever after. She was a straight ‘A’ student who was always home before midnight, married at 24, had two kids back to back to ensure that the age gap was not too wide, dedicated her life to being a good wife and mother, pushed her husband into buying a big house in New Cairo like all their friends and then woke up at 50 and wondered what ever happened to her life. Mind you she did put up a pretty good front all those years pretending she was happy and even though she is miserable now, she would do it all over again and exactly in the same way.


Because she is an idiot!

If someone surrenders to peer pressure or thinks that he or she somehow owestheir life to society, then that’s called being an idiot. Just take a look around at the people you know and ask yourself how never bending the rules and being complacent with the status quo has worked out for them.  Then ask yourself if you too are an idiot. If you tick most of the boxes below, then you probably are one and need to do something about it.

You are an idiot if you…

?   Seek everyone’s approval before doing what you really want

?   Think that it’s important to give up on your personal needs and dreams just to be called an amazing wife or mom

?   Think that a guy (or girl) is only as good as the checklist in your head

?   Spend all your time planning for the future instead of living the present

?   Feel guilty when you have fun

?   Go to places where you can be seen instead of places you enjoy

?   Think that everyone else’s opinion is more important than yours

?   Think faking happiness means you are actually happy

?   Try to never get in trouble

?   Get an elevator installed in your villa because all your friends have one

?   Have kids within the first year of marriage because everyone expected you to

?   Post your kids’ pictures on facebook all day because you are afraid to show the world how fat you’ve become

?   Let yourself get fat and old because you thought life ends at “I do”

?   Don’t look your best at every single phase of your life

?   Still do everything your mother tells you to do. Is her life really that great?

?   Think that teachers who don’t send lots of homework for your kids aren’t doing their job

?   Think that your kid’s grades are more important than building their character

?   Let your husband get off easy when it comes to sharing responsibilities for your kids. He helped bring them into the world so he should be equally responsible for taking care of them.

?   Waste your wonderful wedding planning days stressing that it isn’t going to be perfect


Detox your life. Now. 

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