Are Newspapers Getting Extinct?

Back in the day, newspapers were a hit. People woke up early to get their daily editions and be up to date on whatever is going on in their country or around the world. Those were the good old days, when things were slow, peaceful and relaxing.

Nowadays, our lives are going by a ridiculously fast rhythm; we don’t have time for anything anymore. The younger generation wasn’t even taught the read-the-newspaper culture; they live faster and smarter, and here’s why.

  1. Social media

Why go through the trouble of buying newspapers when you can simply log-in to your Twitter account first thing in the morning? It’s a million times easier.

  1. They feel and look old

We live in the 21st century and newspapers still print with the same style, using the same designs they did 50 or so years ago. It’s not keeping up well with the new generation; the ones who are totally outside of the box, creative and colorful. I myself appreciate old things; things that actually belong to the old years, not things that are new/old-ish.

  1. It’s depressing

Let’s face it, the world isn’t doing well. Catastrophes and tragedies are everywhere. Wars, pain, loss and injustice; it’s always in headlines and breaking news. Many stopped reading newspapers or even checking out news because they need to repel the negativity.

  1. Routine-ish

Even if you happen to read the newspaper everyday, you find that, with time, you’re not eager to anymore. You don’t care because you can simply predict that it’s the same things happening around the world every single day.

  1. Not credible, and underrated

Well, we hear rumors from everywhere these days, but newspapers have most of them. People just don’t believe what they read in them anymore.

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