Araq Motakate’e

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Araq Motakate’e is a new, authentic and interesting collection of Arabic short stories by Ramy Abadir and Ahmed Rizkallah. The book is a blend of interesting reads that will keep you up all night reading it.

The two young co-writers work in different fields and came up with these stories as writing is their full-sized zeal, “We started writing by forcing a deadline on every one of us and we took it from there. We used to criticize each one’s writings, for example I told Ahmed that some part is a bit naïve and he told me some part of mine was too long and criticism of that sort”, Ramy tells.

The emotional ride of every character in the book is very well written and has the ability to make you smile and frown. Some stories described the relationship between a man and a woman, another one talked about the relationship between a man and a dummy and one talked about the relationship between a grandmother and her grandson, “We made sure to provide the reader with realistic ideas but with a touch of fantasy”, Ramy says.


There are numerous books on shelves today, and this phenomenon has its positive and negative side, “We are against some sarcastic books today in the market as some published works are just enough to be a Twitter status and not end up as a book”, Ramy comments.

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