An Asian Infused Dinner at Chinoix!


Chiniox at the Renaissance Mirage City invited us for a mouth watering Dinner and we couldn’t wait to accept such an invitation!  Upon our arrival, we found ourselves at a cozy place with a clear Asian vibe that we simply adored. What’s not to love?


First we had a great selection of appetizers; crunchy spring rolls, shrimp konafa and delicious dumplings. These appetizers set the tone for the rest of the evening; and we were amazed by each and every course that followed. After the delicious appetizers, we were greeted by the main dishes which oozed with flavor and authenticity. We couldn’t resist trying the beef, which was very tender and flavorful. We also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try out the seafood. This, also, didn’t disappoint; it was absolutely scrumptious! Of course, last but not least, there came dessert. We, being indecisive when it comes to delicious food, got three types of ice cream, each with a kick of its own.




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