Amr Salama “We have to think, analyze and try to provide our point of view to the largest number of people”

Young filmmaker and blogger Amr Salama talks to us about his post-revolution feelings, what he expects in the upcoming phase and why he isn’t afraid anymore to have kids.


To what extent you think the Egyptian identity has been reincarnated?


The events of the revolution gave us a big boost, and will give us the will to evolve faster. I’m very optimistic and I think in a couple of years we will sense the huge change that will happen.


As an Egyptian citizen how will you build up Egypt?


I think I will continue on the development projects I was working on, I used to and I will always work on providing an independent form of videos and viral videos to initiate any kind of development projects or any kind of useful public service announcements.


As a fan based blogger, what responsibilities you have from now on?


On the short term, we need to raise the awareness of political involvement, on the long term we have to think, analyze and try to provide our point of view to the largest number of people we can reach.


You said that from now on you’re not afraid to have kids? Could you explain this to us? What security you think you enjoy now?


I think now I’m free, I can be a real citizen and a partner in building my country, I think we will have more rights, we will be treated more as human beings.


You’ve been arrested after joining Jan 25th protests, what were your feelings after your release?


As I said before, what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, in a way I was stronger, despite of the psychological trauma, and I became more determined.


In your opinion, what are the main flaws of the Egyptian character? What should we work on to change ourselves before changing our government?


Being passive is the word, but I think this is becoming to become history sooner or later.


What should be done to develop the cultural background of the Egyptian citizen? What are your expectations from the new Ministry of Culture?


I think it should involve the youth more, I think it has to get rid of censorship, provide more freedom of speech, and be more connected with the people and the new art media.


How do you see Egypt in the upcoming decade?


I’m very optimistic that we will learn from the countries that succeeded in the past decades to evolve and flourish.


What did you learn from the revolution?


Never lose hope.




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