Amr Salama: The Books that Inspired Me

There are a lot of books that really changed my life, and I’m very flexible to change my habits and beliefs after reading something that really convinces or inspires me. Here are the books that inspired my life.

‘Awaken the Giant Within’ by Anthony Robbins


My English was never that good, and I never thought I could finish a book in English that’s more than 300 pages long, but I read it in only one day, which changed my life for I decided to quit smoking, start taking film making as a profession, I vividly remember that day and am very thankful for it. What was important then was that I was ready for a major shift in life, studying something I’m not interested in, having no clear vision of what I want to do in my life, so I was prepared for that kind of book.


‘The Art Of Happiness’ by Dalai Lama


One of the books that changes you on the inside…


‘Eat Pray Love’ by Elizabeth Colbert


I know it’s a very girly book, but it really inspired me and put me in a very nice place that I will never forget.


‘La Tahzan’ (Don’t Be Sad) by Aa’ed El Kerany


Because it shows you how we tend to neglect the aspects of happiness in Islam, and how our religion is a religion of finding happiness and not just depressing do’s and don’ts.


‘Maan Al Tariq’ (Together On The Way) by Khaled Mohamed Khaled


A book about the similarities between Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) and Jesus, a wonderful book about what they have in common, focusing on the similarities not differences.


‘Al Serr Al Azam’ (The Great Secret) by Mostafa Mahmoud


A very spiritual book about God, Islam and Sufism, a must read.


‘Alfalsafa al Quoraneya’ (The Philosophy of Quran) by Abbas El Akkad


A mind shifter about the core of Islam


‘Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance’ by Robert M. Pirsig


One of the best philosophical books ever.

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