Amina Khalil “I don’t Cook in Ramadan because I can’t beat my Mom’s Cooking”


Beautiful and talented actress Amina Khalil speaks to us all about Ramadan, cooking skills and her dreams of one day doing Fawazeer!


If you had to choose a Ramadan show to live in, which would it be?

I’d love to live in the series I’m doing right now, Grand Hotel.

Do you cook during 3ozoumat? And what’s your go-to dish?

I don’t cook a lot in Ramadan because I can’t beat my mom’s cooking. They always leave me with very normal stuff like salad.

3ammo Fouad or Bougy wa Tamtam?

Bougy wa Tamtam!

Define Sherihan in 3 words.

Oh My God.

Is the red velvet craze dead?

It needs to be over.

Tell us about Grand Hotel.

It’s by Mohamed Shaker and Tamer Habib. Set in Aswan. I’m extremely excited; it’s set in the 1950s and I play a character called Nazly.

Was it fun doing a series set in the 1950s?

It’s so different to be in a set in a different era. You feel like you’re in a time machine.

Has it made you feel like you’d rather live in the 50s?

I’m not sure I can give up on my phone. If I were to take one thing from the 50s, it’d be the fashion. I wore some incredible dresses.

Childhood family Ramadan routine?

On the first day of each Ramadan we’d have a huge family gathering at my grandparents’. I’ve been doing that for my whole life.

Were you ever good at “solving” the Fawazeer?

I tried, but I wish I could do Fawazeer. That’s my dream.

Did you ever fast from food but drank water as a child?

No. I think when I was ready to fast, I did.

What Ramadan Mosalsal you’d still watch until today?

El Hagg Metwally.


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