Amina K.

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Amina Khalil, a 24 year old fashion designer, just launched her new label “Amina K.” that came to light after an open day last summer at Hacienda Bay, North Coast, where she sold out the whole collection. Equipped with a degree in Fashion Design Marketing form London and various internships at reputable houses, she created an authentic Egyptian style and is now establishing her label in Egypt. With a mix of authentic fabric ornaments and patterns and modern clothing, she separates herself from the crowd. Her collection is available at some high-end boutiques in Zamalek and expansion plans are in the pipeline.


“Often Egyptians prefer buying an expensive imported garment rather than paying the same amount for an equivalently qualitative one from a local designer. Yet when they realize the high quality they tend to accept it”, Amina comments. She wants to establish herself as a fashion label in Europe, where she already had positive experience with her collection. “People abroad appreciate and treasure Egyptian cotton and textiles”, she points out, “they are very much aware of Chinese and Indian ethnic styles and costumes but not as familiar with Egyptian influences”.


Her fashion is innovative and individualistic which many people nowadays, especially abroad, look for. “My aim is not to have people wear Egyptian folklore costumes but to integrate our heritage into western clothing”, Amina explains, “you could be wearing jeans and T-shirt combined with a vest of mine”.


The materials used for her clothes are a variety of finest Egyptian cottons and textiles. Her inspiration stems from Egyptian pottery and architecture available in Areesh and Nubia, for instance.


Amina is planning to open her own showroom and expand to local and foreign markets to raise awareness to the beauty of Egyptian textiles and to be the leading Egyptian designer.

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