Alone in the City

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It’s summer! Isn’t that exciting? To the majority perhaps, but not to you. See, you’re single and most of your friends are in committed relationships, some even have kids. But does that mean you’re not entitled to fun? Absolutely not! So, you’re single, it’s the weekend, and all your friends are traveling with their spouses and kids, but you’re stuck in Cairo. Being single and friendless for the weekend, you have no idea how to spend your time.

Well, here are a few ideas on how to enjoy your weekend on your own. It’s Thursday evening, and you’ve just finished up the last of your work for the week. The stress of the past few days is heavy on your shoulders and you can use some serious relaxation. Thursday isn’t always a good day to go out; the crowds are usually loud and kind of young, not really what you need right now. So, go to the store, buy a couple of scented candles and a sachet of bath salts and head home. Run a warm bath, get some soft music playing on your stereo, turn off the light and light the scented candles, and slip into the tub. Let the salts do their thing on your skin, let the warm water unwind your aching muscles and allow the music to take you to places where you’ve never been before.

The important thing here is to indulge; fall asleep in the tub if you want to, it’ll get you where you need to go; somewhere comfortable in your mind where you can strip all that uselessness and meet face to face with yourself. If you feel like crying, be my guest. Boy will that make you feel better!

Now it’s Friday morning, you’ve unwound your body and soul and you’re starving! How about some good breakfast? A great place to have breakfast on Friday morning is Harris Café. The coffee and the food are excellent, the music’s great, you can relate to the crowd there and you have a whole bunch of magazines to go through during your stay. There are a gazillion branches all over Cairo, so head towards the nearest one and have your breakfast amidst other loners. Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet someone and have a little chat during your meal.

Now for the evening: an awesome place to spend your evening alone would be Azhar Park. I know what you’re thinking; it’s crowded and noisy and not your kind of place, but trust me, it is. Take a good book with you and pack your MP3 player with a music collection you like. Start by taking a walk around, the weather is always great at Azhar Park, no matter what the temperature is. Walk slowly, and take in the scenery, play your music loudly in your ears to drown the noise and, when you find a good quiet spot, sit on a bench, take out your book and start reading. You will eventually feel like you’re on another planet, secluded from the crowd and the noise and the universe! Again, indulge. Let go and don’t bother yourself with the people around you. It’s just you and you tonight, be selfish and enjoy your own company. Sing out loud if you feel like it, tap your feet with your music if it feels good. It’s a free country and a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

So, Saturday is here, and the weekend is almost over. You’re not really looking forward to going back to work and you need something to boost your enthusiasm. Here’s an idea; treat yourself to a day at a spa, whether it’s in a fancy hotel or just at the sporting club in your district. Get a massage and jump into the Jacuzzi. Have someone do your nails and get a facial. These things really make a girl happy, along with chocolate, so eat a whole bar too! After that, get your hair done; be a little daring and change your usual hairdo and put on a daring shade of nail polish. This will definitely get your ego boosted to start the new week. Finish up your weekend by going to the movies. Yes, alone. Movies are enjoyed well when you’re alone, especially if it’s a drama or a serious movie. Save the comedies for the company, but, as long as you’re on your own, go see that movie that no one wanted to see with you. Get a good seat, buy yourself a large popcorn and soda, settle in and enjoy every second of it. Now, you have a dozen stories to tell your friends when they come back from their weekend away. Better yet, take them with you next weekend, if you’re going away that is.

The key to spending time on your own and enjoying it is to indulge. Care less about what others may or may not think. Don’t worry about being bored; the most interesting person in your world is you, and you are right there. Who needs anyone else? You are your best friend and the best companion you can ever have. Learn to enjoy your own company and you will be amazed how much fun you are going to have!

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