All You Need to Know About Hot Oil Treatments

There is no girl who doesn’t suffer from damaged hair during the summer. We can’t help but expose our hair to many factors, like heat and beach, that play a huge role in weakening and damaging our hair. Adapting a beauty routine is essential especially during the summer, so we present a list of hot oil treatments that will gaurentee to nourish your hair in no time.

Benefits of Hot Oil Treatment

  • Increases circulation of the blood in scalp by making it healthy and free of dandruff.
  • Minimizes damages to hair resulting from excessive use of hair products.
  • Hot coconut oil hair treatment makes the hair thick, dark, and shiny.
  • Effective in reducing the hair fall.
  • Gives a softer and nourishing hair.
  • It helps the scalp to breathe.
  • Strengthens the hair and decreases split ends.
  • Effective in mitigating the effects of hair dyes.


How to use 

Wash your hair and let partially air-dry-or blow-dry it until just slightly damp. Apply setting lotion sparingly yet evenly, using a spray bottle. Comb the lotion carefully through your hair, and then style as usual with the dryer.


Castor Oil and Almond Oil for Dry Hair

  • In a container mix 1 tsp of each castor oil and almond oil. Warm the mixture over a low flame. Massage the oil on the scalp using finger tips and wear a shower cap. Take a bath towel soaked in warm water and squeeze out the excess water. Wrap the towel around the head. Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes. The heat of the steam help the oil get absorbed into the scalp. Wash hair with the shampoo.

*Hot castor oil treatment on a regular basis prevents the loss of hair and also increases hair growth and brings back the lost shine.


Jojoba Oil for Oily Hair

  • Bring pan of water to a rolling boil and remove from heat. Place glass bottle containing pure jojoba oil in pan. Leave it for five minutes. Gently shampoo tresses and towel dry while jojoba oil is heating. Before applying jojoba oil remove all excess moisture from strands. Apply jojoba oil directly onto hair strands from root to ends avoiding the scalp area. With plastic cap cover the hair and sit under heated dryer or conditioning cap for 10-15 minutes. With warm water rinse the hair. Later, shampoo the hair to remove extra oil

Olive Oil for Normal Hair

Lukewarm olive oil and apply on the hair and scalp. For 15 min massage it on the scalp. Then take bath and shampoo well. DO conditioner on the next day. Those who do not like thick oil they can use thin oil instead of olive o

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